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Coming Back, Giving Back: Share Your NSLI-Y Service Story Today!

NSLI-Y Alumni have gone on to do incredible things in their communities and in the world. From working in interfaith dialogue, to fighting for international women’s rights, there are countless ways alumni have used their language and cross-cultural skills to make the world a better place.

In celebration of Global Youth Service Day 2016, NSLI-Y is launching the “Coming Back, Giving Back” campaign to highlight service projects and careers alumni have undertaken to use their NSLI-Y experience for good. NSLI-Y Interactive is calling on alumni to submit stories about how they have gone back to their communities and used their NSLI-Y experience to make a social impact.

Have you used your Arabic to teach English to refugees, taught Chinese to underprivileged youth, been inspired by your summer abroad to fundraise to fight homelessness? Tell us about it to inspire and enable others to do the same!

NSLI-Y students around the globe positively influencing their host communities.

You can submit your story here or to We are asking that stories consist of 4-6 paragraphs talking about your community service project or career, and also include advice for other alumni looking to conduct similar projects or enter similar fields.

You are also invited to attend our Virtual Event “Coming Back, Giving Back: Using Your NSLI-Y Experience for Good” on Wednesday April 6th at 7:30 PM EST. During this hour-long event, we will be featuring presentations from several alumni who have gone on to use their language and cultural skills to change their communities and the world!

You can register for the Virtual Event here.

    Coming Back, Giving Back Flyer


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